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Grizzly bear

medicine wheel:

Key words: Powerfully, - primitively, - bulky, - hermit-like, - protecting, - from some people slandered, - curative, - carefully, - discerning, - strength, - courage, - quickchange artist, - Mudjekeewis, western guardian of the mind. Description: The grizzly bear is connected in the medicine wheel with the west and Mudjekeewis, to the western guardian of the mind. He is the biggest and strongest member of the bear's family and reaches every now and then a weight from more than 450 kilos and in the state not seldom a height of more than 2.40 metres. Therefore, he moves people easily into fear and terror and is accused to attack this now and then - what practically never, nevertheless, happens, unless, the bear feels unsound or if reason has to fear his boys. In North America in general is nearly exterminated of the Grizzly. One meets him only in the national parks and higher in the north. General meaning: The ripe, powerful aspect of itself, - your own strength, - a wild vein, - you as a protecting you as a protective supplier. Association: Crisis of violence, - strength, - experienced fighters, - grumbler. Transcendent meaning: A messenger who says something about your spiritual strengths you, - a messenger who points to the ability to travel in mind form, without body - one which gives you the gift of the conversion. (See also 'brown bear', 'black bear', 'Mudjekeewis', the western guardian of the mind) Coarseness



  • hear: is always frank! Also: you are hurt too wrong.

(European ones).:

  • be, or coarse product: Warning with envy and envy.

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