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In general:

Cricket can point to success without big trouble which one has to owe to the happy chance. At the same time she also admonishes to correct a too frivolous, superficial life setting, to count not only on his luck.


Who catches the chirping little animals, to that the crickets are driven out that is called, he will have to straighten something in the awake life not to get in a clip. Barbecue can also point to a moody being.


Barbecue mean because of the story which one tells of them (in Platon Phaidros Sokrat tells the story of the crickets. These were originally human beings in a time, before there were the muses. When the latter appeared and with them the song, they were inspired thus by the song that they sang continually and never thought of food and drinking. Hence, they perished. As a special present of the muses they reincarnated as the barbecue which need of no food.), musicians, in emergency times, however, the people who are of no use, but talk only about measures and indulge themselves in recollections, in fright fears men who only threaten, but are not able, did to let follow, - the crickets own because nothing except her voice. Sick people prophesy them big tortures by thirst, and that they will die anyway, - then barbecue take no food to himself.



  • hear chirping: you have unknown friends, - help of unknown side, - a lot of luck in the love, - also: the unknown distance lures you,
  • catch: one will recognise his personal abilities and achieve thereby a lot of success.

(European ones).:

  • see: A good omen. Nice experiences in the love will bring to a joy and strength.
  • hear chirping: meant luck, - also: announces melancholy news, possibly the death of a friend,
  • observe: the fight with the poverty approaches one,
  • catch: one will succeed by faith in himself.


  • one should not always believe everything his friend.
(See also grasshoppers)

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