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Association: - Where two states, settings or life patterns meet. Questions: - To penetrate in which new areas I stand in the concept?

In general:

Here a limit is set to ours I. The picture often also speaks of a restriction of our standard of living. If we cross a border, we change in a new period of life and other symbols can show whether this change is to be laid out positively.
  • The secret excess of a border reveals the will of the dreamer to go in the awake life other ways.
  • limitations and edges of materials and forms concentrate the attention of the dreaming on changes which he wants to carry out in the material world.
  • on the border between two countries to stand, the need, big changes shows to begin in the life, maybe a move.
  • If the dreaming in his dream a border crosses and goes from a place to the next, then this shows that big layouts stand in a queue in the life and that the dreaming pursues actively the change of a state in another.


Visions like borders, barriers or duty stations and customs official have two different meanings. Either they point out the dreaming to a restriction of his abilities and possibilities or they stand as a symbol for a change, for the crossing of a country in the other, so of a situation in the other. If the person of a life phase changes in another, for example, from the puberty in the adult's age or from the occupation in the retirement, then it makes sense to lend form to this border crossing. The borders which play a role in dreams can also mean, that of the dreaming obstacles in his inside overcomes.


At the spiritual level the dreaming has a new experience before himself which will promote him on his way to the Ganzheitlichkeit. He meets a part of itself with which he is not familiar yet. The dreaming himself must decide whether the time is right to cross the 'border'.



  • stand before it: you are ambitious, however, the time is not ripe yet to undertake more,
  • go about that: a voyage start, - also: you deal abroad,
  • measure: you will bring order in your relations,
  • barrier: hostile neighbours have,
  • boundary stone: one envies you your possession and your position,
(Look away also 'passport', 'barrier', 'tollgate', 'street', 'duty')

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